A Team Of Art Specialists Is Set To Revolutionize The Industry With The Creation Of Their First Of Its Kind AI For Art Works

This innovative piece of blockchain creation will make all the process of purchasing and selling artworks a lot easier for everyone who deals on art.


The brains behind this project have carefully designed Artchain AI in such a manner that stakeholders of artworks can be certain of maximum protection against manipulation, making the process of providing artwork accountability as transparent as possible. 
The system of the platform of Artchain AI has been designed to create a sustainable business model with low transaction fees. The fees which will be paid by users of the Artchain AI will be for transacting, verifying and securing of fine art on the Artchain platform.

“The token of this project will be supported by timeless pieces of art which can only be transacted in Artcoin, the official currency of Artchain AI,” stated Victoria Kozich-koschitzky, the Marketing Director of the Artchain group. 

“Thus, a Collateralized Coin Offering is also part of our package, as our coins will be supported by invaluable art pieces,” she further added.


Artists can be certain of keeping an equity stake on their own works owing to the fact that Artchain AI is a blockchain-enabled art registry.


With Artchain AI, artists can also be certain of sharing in the profits generated from the sales of their works when prices go up.


“We have created an innovative open platform that uses blockchain technology to completely rewire the global art finance market and democratize access to fine art through asset tokenization. Thus, ours is a platform that provides high-security solutions for connecting decentralized computer systems,” DR. BERNHARD A. BOEHLER the President of the organization also stated.


Having been incorporated in HONG KONG since 2017 for the purpose of Investment, development and integration of various software components. Artchain AI now boasts the partnership with the first class network of cooperation partners, collectors, gallery owners and art dealers, experts, museums, curators and art lovers.

The services provided by Artchain AI have been listed to include the following:


• Decentralized Artificial Intelligence System
• Recording Of Artworks
• Crowdfunding For The Artworks
• Creation Of A Curated and Transparent Market
• Blockchain Authentication
• Reduced Costs & Increased Liquidity
• Validation System


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