The biometric pass, combined with the capabilities of Blockchain technology, is the foundation of all anti-counterfeiting solutions, museums, auctions, tracking and tracing of warehouses, warehouses and, last but not least, the owner's destination. of art, but the work of art achieves its goal by creating the digital DNA of a work of art and linking it to the digital birth certificate (PLP) of a never-again-manipulating blockchain.

The Art DNA technology also makes it possible to re-read the digital DNA of Smart Hone. Thus, any user of Art DNA technology may well be in the future to be able to read and write a description of the subject.


Smart contract technology is leading to further revolutionary expansions of the business, such as the forgery-proof transfer of ownership, the completion of insurance policies with huge cost savings, the payment and billing fees, billing, rewards, and cashless buying. selling of works of art.


Based on this digital document, it is now also possible to create an interactive presentation of the artist, such as: The creation of interactive virtual galleries, videos and their presentation audio commentary and accompanying the viewer through this emotional journey into a personal world art.

Art investors are, in general, those who enjoy beautiful details and energy that can be absorbed with articles that have a visual nature of the transitorial character of humans. Buyers do not speak to live or consider high art as a form of investment aid. The purchase of art offers a conformity assessment that applies to the domain of immortality.

Currently, billions of dollars are invested at risk because of their originality when someone sells or buys works of art. It is therefore necessary to carry out an additional check which costs a lot of money and time. Artchain helps create a sustainable business model by reducing transaction costs and increasing transaction costs.

These fees will be paid to carry out transactions, secure and verify the works of art on the artchain platform. The token also wants to be supported by timeless works of art that can only be transacted in Artcoin. Therefore, a warranty offer is part of our package.