Decentralized AI


Blockchain and artificial intelligence are innovating around the world and have profound implications for the future of Arts, as well as for our personal gallery data. How can the two technologies merge? Opportunities that could arise from decentralized AI will be discussed below.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a domain in computer science dedicated to the creation of intelligent machines. Also called machine learning, artificial intelligence confers machine skills traditionally reserved for humans. Problem solving, speech recognition, planning , art making autmation and learning are all part of it.


Blockchain is a decentralized technology that is a global network of computers. A robust platform allows you to store blocks of information over the network.

Benefits of blockchain technology to Artchain

Here are some of the benefits of blockchain technology to Art:

•    The blockchain is decentralized. It allows to share data without central unit. This is a verifiable transaction and independent blockchain of a central force.

•    The Blockchain is sustainable and consistent because of its decentralized nature. It can not be attacked because it doesn’t not have a central point vulnerable to attack.

•    The information, deadlines and authenticity provided by blockchain technology are accurate.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence, has a lower error rate than coding. As a result, AI offers a higher level of accuracy, speed and accuracy.

•    Artificial intelligence is totally logical, because it has no emotion and makes rational decisions without error.
•    The machines are not tired and can thrive in dangerous conditions. This enables them to perform dangerous tasks, such as space exploration or even mining and other artistics.

•    Relying on the data is the best decision a company can make. Can easily compute unstructured data and deliver real-time results, ensuring the accuracy of Art analysis.

Decentralized AI: where the AI and the blockchain could cross

The best way to use the two most important technologies that exist today is to leverage the strength of one to help the other.

Data protection

Artificial intelligence depends on its use and improvement through machine learning. What is particularly relevant for artificial intelligence is the collection of data on human interactions and other details regarding arts. Blockchain is a technology that encrypts data in a secure and save database. Thus, when we integrate the blockchain and the AI, it means that we have a decentralized and protected system. As a result, blockchain technology is a significant security advantage.